AudioProLog - Digital Voice Recorder

Accessories for your AudioProLog™ 24 & 8 Digital Recorders

Universal Com Link has a full line of accessory equipment to meet your specific requirements. We also have networking, WiFi, LAN, backhaul, switching equipment and the know-how to back it up. UCL has the solutions for your networking issues.

UCL has the unique engineering experience that few other companies possess...

Computer/networking AND radio/data transmission expertise

If you have a data infastructure issue that needs attention, give us a call. Our Engineers can bring a new approach to solving it.



The correct microphone in the proper situation makes all the difference in the world.

Our hi-gain survelliance mic is small and easy to conceal. Record audio in a room simply by poking a hole in a ceiling tile and slipping the mic into the hole from above - mounting it flush with the ceiling. Can be powered with any 12volt DC transformer.

UCL has a full line of microphones to select from to meet your specific needs. From Boundary mics to Hyper-cardoid mics - from omni-directional to wireless mics, we have your audio needs covered.



For listening to what's being recorded, you will need a good pair of headphones. These top quality headphones will let you listen in on the action and look good doing it, too.



These high quality foot pedals connect to your Windows PC computer to control your dictation player software. The pedals are "plug and play" which make them easy to install and use. There are three controls which are usually setup for rewind (right), play/pause (center) and fast-forward (left).

Available for USB connections and can be shipped world wide.



We have the cables you need for easy hookup of your AudioProLog Digital Voice Recording System.