AudioProLog 24 Channel Digital Voice Recorder

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I would like to say that I am very impressed with the equipment Universal Com Link built for my specific needs.  The equipment works great and the best part is they are available to me whenever I have a new question or issue to discuss.  They have been very helpful and they are easy to get a hold of whenever I have needed their assistance.  This company really cares about it's customers and it's equipment.  Thank you Universal Com Link for everything!

Michelle Heins - Dispatch Manager

AudioProLog™ 24 Channel Digital Voice Recorder

AudioProLog DispatcherAudioProLog™ provides a complete solution for recording two-way radio, telephone, or voice on a 24 hour basis. AudioLogPro™ is a professional, next generation, multiple input voice recording system (VRS). The multichannel audio recording software has robust design and simple interface making for fail-safe but user-friendly day to day operation.

Hardware Features

Software Features

AudioProLog Software Main Screen

Each channel can be assigned to write files to its own unique folder for organization purposes. Labeling of each channel provides for easy identification of what is being recorded at any given moment. Hang time can be user adjusted so the recording will continue for the entire audio interaction. Once the hang time expires and there has been no more audio, AudioProLog time and date stamps the file and writes it to the appropriate folder.

Backup to CD or DVD

AudioProLog's Search Screen has the ability to pick a call or group of calls and create a CD or DVD backup. Users can automatically backup a call or group of calls with the option of including the player. Files can be written as WAV, MP3, or GSM files.

AudioLogPro rack mount small
Each AudioProLog™ Digital Recording System is proudly built in the USA to your specifications and includes 30 days of technical phone support. Installation services by our trained technicians is available.