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Bellevue Ohio Police Department Selects AudioProLog™

July 25, 2011 - The Bellevue Ohio Police Department has full 24 hour voice recording of all 911 lines, VoIP phone lines, and two-way radio traffic on their new AudioProLog™ Voice Logging Recording System. The system was installed by Universal Com Link personnel in July 2011. Secure remote access is available through their Local Area Network (LAN) for listening in to calls being recorded on the system or for searching for previous recordings.

Made in USA

Each AudioProLog™ Digital Recording System is proudly built in the USA to your specifications and includes 30 days of technical phone support.  Installation services by our trained technicians are available.

Universal Com Link

UCL has over 20 years experience in radio communications, security, telemetry, automation, mobile and fixed data systems.

We provide a wide range of electronics systems and subsystems for M2M applications, remote monitoring, GPS, tracking, control, automation and navigation. Communications platforms range from serial, networked, two-way radio, cell to satellite.